Svane Shipping offers a complete logistic solution for the transport of your cargo. You get a local partner with a global network, which is a guarantee that we can complete any assignment.

General and Project Cargoes

At Nordkajen in the Port of Kolding, Svane Shipping has dedicated and flexible terminals for all kinds of general cargo in an area of 18,000 m2. We use cold and isolated heated terminals with an average temperature of 12 degrees.

Svane Shipping annually handles considerable amounts of sawn timber and plywood for the building sector and the Danish industry. The goods arrive by sea, in containers, by rail and road.

Rail Experts

We specialise in emptying, storage and loading of general cargo by rail. This applies to, for example, paper goods, canned food and marble tiles. The goods arrive by rail directly at the Nordkajen terminals. This also applies for paper reels for the Danish industry. We empty and reload the freight wagons, store the goods at the terminals and reload them on to trucks so that they can be delivered as agreed.

Project cargo

Svane Shipping has many years of experience in project cargoes. This includes partial or full loads from the wind power industry, such as wings and whole tower sections with delivery to any destination in the world.

Transport of Livestock

We specialise in handling the transport of livestock by road, sea and air. The handling includes document management, veterinary control and other individual products.