Svane Shipping offers a complete logistic solution for the transport of your cargo. You get a local partner with a global network, which is a guarantee that we can complete any assignment.

Bulk Cargo

We have many years of experience with loading and unloading of all types of bulk cargo at our terminals using our own equipment. We are experts in bio products. Wood pellets and wood chips from all over the world pass through Svane Shipping's quay areas in the Port of Kolding. Some wood chip goods are delivered in logs and are chipped for biofuel at a Svane Shipping terminal.

At our specially built terminals for bulk cargo we load and discharge large quantities of fertilizers, grain, feeding products and other products used in agriculture.

Svane Shipping is GMP+ certified, as well as environmentally approved for fertiliser management.

Organic Products

In the past few years, Svane Shipping has gathered lot of experience in transport and storage of organic products. Each terminal is reserved for individual organic product groups, where control and safety are paramount. Svane Shipping is approved for organic products management.