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Shipping Operation Doubles in Size

Since its formation in 1926, Svane Shipping has established itself as a reliable provider of all shipping services in Denmark. The company also has subsidiaries and associated companies in England, Poland and Latvia.

Two of Port of Kolding’s most prominent companies, both built upon the finest traditions, have now combined their warehousing. After several years of close co-operation, one of Denmark’s oldest shipping companies, Svane Shipping, has taken over full ownership of its partner Havneterminalen A/S. The two companies have merged and will continue to do business under the trading name of Svane Shipping; at their disposal are a total of 70,000 m2 of ultramodern warehouses and terminals situated close to the head office at the Port of Kolding, along with terminals in the Port of Køge.

“With the acquisition of Havneterminalen we bring additional capacity, facilities and skills to our customers” says the CEO of Svane Shipping, Jesper Hansson. He is delighted that all Havneterminalen staff have transferred to the larger Svane Shipping.

“We have acquired 33,000 m2 of terminals and warehouses to add to our own capacity of 37,000 m2. This is a great advantage which allows us to offer improved service to our existing customers and provides new opportunities as far as new customers are concerned... Equally important is that Havneterminalen’s diligent and committed employees will reinforce the excellent team already present at Svane Shipping. We are going from strength to strength” says Jesper Hansson.

Leif Buhl, the former CEO of Havneterminalen is also happy to become part of the new Svane Shipping. “The combination of 40 employees from both companies has created an even stronger company and the customers will view the acquisition as an advantage as they will have more opportunities to enjoy more facilities available to them”.

The acquisition of Havneterminalen formally commences on 1st January 2014 and from then on the companies will operate as one, under the name Svane Shipping. Jesper Hansson will be the new CEO and S.E. Hansson will be appointed Chairman of the Board,

For further information, please contact CEO Jesper Hansson. Tel:- 0045 7552 1811